At The Enchanted Garden Day Nursery we have been inspired but the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy.

Reggio Emilia is a town in Northern Italy that developed its own unique philosophy of early childhood education. Reggio Emilia educational philosophy believes in using every part of the child’s experience including their environment, teachers and parents to learn through curiosity and discovery.

  • Let your children explore and make their own choices
  • Let them take risks
  • Let them use their imagination
  • Let them be who they want to be

Key Points & Benefits to the Reggio Emilia Approach

  • Teachers possess a greater knowledge of the children they work with
  • Are able to document more observations and experiences
  • Creates a stronger bond between teacher and children
  • Teachers create an environment that stimulates learning
    • Teachers focus on children’s development of symbolic language and expression (drawing, sculpture, dramatic play and writing)
    • Children’s projects (art, poems etc) are displayed on the walls throughout the nursery
    • There is no hurry to cover a particular lesson. Structure is provided by freedom of expression which sets the pace.
    • Plenty of time for spontaneous play with abundant resources
  • Teachers value the importance of children being confused and working through difficult tasks with limited information